Lightning credit with 100% payment possible in 24 hours!


In the event of a financial bottleneck, you often need money quickly to survive the situation, usually pulling over the current account is not a good idea, because the overdraft rates are simply too high, which is often between 10 and even 14 percent. A better and almost as quick option to bridge a financial bottleneck is the Spin Lender, which is often offered under the name express credit.

Bank credit – Directly Available & Free to Use!

Bank credit - Directly Available & Free to Use!

Banks not only offer loans in branches, there are now numerous online and direct banks that offer all kinds of loans online. The lightning credit is one of the most popular loans because it keeps what it promises. An urgent loan can not only be applied for quickly, but can also be issued quickly. In the past, you had to make an appointment for a loan with your customer advisor in the bank, who then made a preliminary decision for a loan based on all the information, such as income, current account status, etc.

A further processing and credit decision did not follow until days later, so you cannot speak of a lightning credit. In the age of the Internet, everything is happening quickly, so applying for a loan is just a few clicks away. An emergency loan can be applied for at numerous banks that offer online loans. With Spin Lender, all processing steps are summarized and thus enable a quick credit decision.

Apply express credit online

Apply express credit online

You can easily apply for an express credit via an online form; in addition to all the necessary information, evidence of a permanent employment relationship and regular income must also be provided. This is also not a problem over the Internet, because for a quick credit decision, all necessary documents can first be sent to the bank as a PDF file, so that a credit decision can be made within 24 hours.

Proof of this kind is sufficient for many banks, other banks subsequently request all proof again by post, but the lightning credit can still be issued with reservations. It often only takes a few days or even 24 hours between applying for a rush credit and payment. With the Spin Lender, the payment is also record-breaking, because it can be made as a postable, so that you can quickly have your express credit.

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